Frequently Asked Questions...


What Do I need for a Guided TRip?

All trips occur under any conditions that are thrown at us, sometimes the most unique photos happen at these times! Being in a mountain environment means you'll need to be prepared for anything...snow in July, rain in January and anything in between. I recommend having a few layers of clothing for summer trips, t-shirt, sweater and rain jacket and pants. For winter, many more layers are needed, wear thermal underwear and at least two layers on top of that. You'll also want a puffy jacket to keep you warm and pants that are capable of blocking the piercing winds we can experience. Two pair of gloves/mitts is a smart option as well. One for standing around and another which will allow you to operate the dials on your camera.

What camera gear do I take?

This is a tough question. You never want to be without a piece of gear so that you miss a shot, but it's nice to not have to carry around 50lbs of equipment when 10 would do. So to that end, here is what I take on a normal day out. A DSLR body and two or three lenses. I always have a 16-35mm wide angle and a 70-200mm telephoto in my bag...always. My third lens choice is a 24-70mm which usually makes most trips as well, unless it's a long backpacking trip, where I'll replace that lens with a 50mm prime. I always have a tripod, no exceptions, you should have one too. Even though today's cameras have great dynamic range and editing software is amazing at working RAW files, I still opt to take a couple of filters with me into the field. Usually a 10-stop ND and a 3-stop Soft Edge Graduated ND filter are close by, along with a polarizing filter as well.

What if it's raining?

We go out.

What if it's snowing?

We're definitely going out!

What if it's clear blue skies?

We'll drive to find some weather...or wait until night and shoot some nightscapes.

Where do we go on the trip?

Depending on the length of time we have, or if a client has a specific place they want to go, I don't make a decision until the trip is about to take place. If there appears to be a storm coming and we can catch it at sunset, we'll drive to a location I think is best to capture the best images. If we have a short time period, we'll stay close to town, but even then, there are many options for photography in all directions.